Sunday, December 31, 2006

If you can use simple hand tools and have access to a bench grinder,stanley knife, plastic beer bottle, wire coat hanger and some used hacksaw blades. Then you can make your own basic locksmith tool kit With these locksmith tools you should be able to carry out 60% of normal locksmith work. Even if you never earn any money at it you will save your self a fortune next time you are locked out.

make your own lock pick set

Simple lock picking tools made from hacksaw bladesabout 85mm long, handle 10mm wide
alternative ends for home made picks
a tension tool made from spring steel

Saturday, December 31, 2005

learn how to use lock pick set

How to pick a (yale lock) cylinder lock

Get your self an old cheap cylinder(bird brand are ideal) , mount it in a board and practice picking. Apply the lightest possible turning pressure to the tension tool put the pick in the keyway as far in as the key would go, you should feel the pins move up (if not you have too much tension) then gentle but firmly pull the pick in and out, you should feel the pins bouncing, racking the pins with the pick.Try different tensions and pick manipulation, lock picking takes practice. When you get good at picking this lock practice on a better cylinder, padlocks and euro locks.
Most locks turn both ways try each way. Old locks should be lubricated first with WD40

Friday, December 31, 2004

make your own rim latch opening card

Credit cards only open locks in films or on really badly fitted doors, but thin plastic sheet can open many locks for next to no cost.

Make rim latch (yale lock) opening sheets from plastic bottles (beer or cider are best)
cut 80mm slices from the bottle, open out and cut to 200mm long, Fold the leading corner over to give it a start then use this like a credit card while applying slight pushing pressure to the door, or try shaking the door. Practice on your own door first.

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

make your own button hook

Button hooks can be mde from coat hangers, but they won't keep ther shape. Used for opening warded locks and some 2 or3 lever mortice locks.

Lubricate the lock, put in hook in keyhole like an upside down key, move it up and down until you feel the levers moving do this a few times then when you are on the up stroke turn quite firmly, try the door this often this works without you realising.

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

make your own jiggler keys

Jiggler Key made form a hacksaw blade, for opening some old car locks, filling cabinets and lockers. Make a smaller version for smaller locks.

Insert the jiggler key in the lock and apply slight turning pressure keeping the pressure on move the jiggler in and out and up and down, jiggling!

Monday, December 31, 2001

how to drill out an unpickable cylinder

Drilling out cylinders.
When the locksmith encounters a lock he cannot pick he has to resort to destructive drilling.
Use a 3/16 hss bit, drill as square to the cylinder as possible, apply an even pressure. As the bit drills in to the cylinder it will meet the pins and tend to jolt. Drill to the depth of the key, remove drill and turn key way with a screw driver. If it fails to operate drill again with a little larger
bit.This also works with euro cylinders and oval cylinders but remember that they are
upside down so drill below the keyway.

Sunday, December 31, 2000

how to snap a euro cylinder

If you come across a euro cylinder that you can not pick you can sometimes snap it off., if the cylinder sticks out from the handle enough to grip with mole grips. Get a good grip on the cylinder and gently but firmly rock it from side to side, it should snap in half after about a minute allowing you to remove it and open the door. Replace it with one that fits flush with the handle